What are the bristles made of?

The bristles are made from a BPA FREE polymer resistant to microbial growth during normal use, to ensure safety and durability. We have tried to find a biodegradable bristle but as of this time there is nothing available – apart from boars hair (don’t want to go there).

How long will it last?

We recommend you change your toothbrush with the seasons (every 3 months), having said that we have had customers use the toothbrush for more than twice that.

How do I look after it?

Well it is common sense really give your toothbrush a rinse after use and then keep it dry.

What do I do with the toothbrush when I am finished with it?

Well simply snap off the head with the bristles and dispose of it thoughtfully then we use the handle in the garden to mark our veggies, but apart from that just throw the handle into the compost or bury it in the garden, or just throw it in the bin either way it will disappear within a couple of years.

What makes your toothbrush better?

Well for starters it IS NOT PLASTIC or wood so we are saving the environment and the trees. The properties of the Bamboo enhanced bristles need to be experienced to be believed.


We post the packs of toothbrushes in a large heavy paper envelope priority post – (there is no tracking with the envelopes).

Multiple packs are wrapped in brown paper with tracking. Postage is per pack of toothbrushes not per order.

Yes it does cost us more than we charge in freight.

If you have another question just ask! Contact us anytime.